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Little Stars
A Branch of Young Enterpise

Letting your children shine!


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About little stars !

Little Stars is a Young Enterprise company that was set up in September of 2018 with the goal to spread awareness of international issues such as segregation, racism and homophobia through the use of children's books that include embedded messages.


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Our Products SO Far!

At the moment we have only one single book, but we do have the plans to make many more books in the future. For instance right now, our writer is working on another book from our initial book story plans


What its like being a young enterprise company.

Being a young enterprise company is simply just amazing. It allows young adults to experience what it’s like to create their own company all by themselves. It teaches you critical business skills such as public speaking and team work that will help when applying to colleges and universities.

A great opportunity to see what its like to actually illustrate a real book.
— Our lead illustrator